Morning Cup of Gratitude

Diane Lang  is a professional who wears many hats. A therapist who specializes in positive psychology, Diane focuses on optimism and resiliency.  During our exchange, I find that Diane not only talks the talk but she walks the walk by incorporating related tools into her daily routine. HX3A0295

DM: What is your  daily self care regimen?

DL: Every morning I wake up and start my day with a gratitude check. Before I get out of bed, I take 2 minutes to think about what I am grateful for. This allows me to start each day fresh with appreciation and it reminds me of all the good in my life. The next thing I do is meditate for few minutes and this quiets my mind  so I start the day feeling more relaxed. The last part is my morning 20 minute walk and I find that it clears away any mental clutter from the day before and allows me to de-stress, appreciate nature and just observe.

DM: Your as busy as the rest of us, so how do you find the time?

DL: I had to carve out  time in my day for this routine and have been doing it for a few years. I’ve noticed  many changes in my life ever since I started and I feel better, happier and healthier.

DM: What changes have you noticed?

DL: Well I’ve learned to be grateful and mindful and that we can add some sort of exercise to our daily routine to naturally de-stress.  It may seem difficult to get it up and running, but the benefits of establishing one is worth it.

DM: Thank you for sharing your experience with us and being our first Professional Spotlight member.

DL: Happy to share what has worked for me with others in the field

Diane is an adjunct professor and published author of her latest, Creating Balance and Finding Happiness. Lang has an M.A. in Counseling and is a supporter of the urban therapist nyc mission.

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